“What does Measurement & Verification mean?

M&V protocols vary from each utility to the next. What’s required in TX may not be necessarily required in Massachusetts. M&V plans are customized to each project, based on the scope work of the project, the technology, and the confidence level established by the utility with respect to the anticipated savings for the installation of the proposed ECM(s) for the project.

The more involved M&V protocols may have a cost associated with them for the implementation of the M&V, specifically, the cost of the equipment required to capture the data required by the utility, and the accompanying labor cost to provide the installation of the meters.

M&V plans are not “one size fits all.” Every energy efficiency project has its own unique scope of work. The right M&V protocol can be crafted based on early discussions with utilities as all parties try to frame out what potential savings can be achieved through the project. Providing that type of feedback very early in the application process allows all parties involved in the project to establish responsibilities based on their own capabilities and areas of expertise.

Not every project will require M&V if the utility believes that there is enough data to support estimated savings through energy modeling or perhaps an engineering analysis with detailed calculations that assigns savings to the scope of work. Establishing a high confidence level in the estimated energy savings can help mitigate the severity of M&V, if not avoid it all together. Establishing estimated savings becomes a “negotiation” between the customer and the utility.


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